Our Hidden Values
We want you to know about the significant values you get when you buy a stove from High Country Stoves, we don’t want to keep this great information hidden from you.
Are any of these values available from our competitors? We can recommend, with confidence in the outcome, that you check around for yourself. All of these values are guaranteed when you ask High Country Stoves to satisfy your heating appliance needs.

This offer is limited to products purchased at High Country Stoves only. References provided upon request…With a smile!

If you have any questions about our values below, please ask us.

We have the largest selection of quality wood, pellet & gas stoves, fireplaces and inserts in Southern Wyoming. This selection enables us to provide you with the best product for YOUR NEEDS.

Because we maintain, service and warranty all of the products we sell, we have carefully selected each product line to provide you with the highest quality hearth appliances on the market.

Our Product lines were chosen based on factors such as Reliability, Efficiency, Ease of use, and their role in being Environmentally friendly.

We will assist you in determining which product best suits your needs and design preferences, while also being the most effective in your home. We will provide you with training and guidance needed to properly operate your stove or fireplace.

High Country Stoves has more training and professional credentials from the hearth products industry than any of our competitors within 200 miles. These credentials are your guarantee that we have the knowledge and expertise for our products, ensuring installation and service know how. We have spent years accumulating these credentials:

When we install an appliance, not only do we follow the manufacturer’s directions, but we also take into consideration the unique requirements of operating a hearth appliance in the mountains of Wyoming. This gives you the assurance that your appliance will perform at its optimum.

If you are not completely satisfied that the product you purchased from us is doing everything we promised, we will refund your money or apply it to another purchase within 30 days. That’s a promise from High Country Stoves & Fireplaces.

We will never sell or share your information without your express permission. Any information you provide to use will only be used for the purpose of conducting business with you.



Larry and Becky James and Staff