I had been struggling with my pellet stove for about 7 years, I had been to every stove shop in Northern Colorado and never spoke with anyone that could assist me and my stove issue. In October of 2022 I decided to go into High Country Stoves Larimer Wyo and described my issues with my stove. After about a 45 minute discussion with Larry and Becky, Larry after him asking a ton of questions, concluded that my current pellet stove was undersized for the area that I was heating and that perhaps the mother board was showing signs of possibly going out due to the problems I was having.

A few weeks later, I bought a new Harmon stove that Larry recommended, I have never been so pleased with a purchase. My home has even heat through out the entire house, I am burning less pellets than ever before, again per Larry's recommendation. Save the hassle, save any anxiety you might have over your current stove. Go see Larry and Becky and have them get you going in the right direction with your stove heating needs, I wish I would of talked to them 7 years ago. Their installation crew were awesome to work, with extremeley knowlegeable.

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