Hearthstone mid-winter sale

Please visit our showroom to see the models we have on display and for pricing on these units.

$200 off of these freestanding gas stoves

Waitsfield freestanding gas stove
Bristol freestanding gas stove
Champlain freestanding gas stove
Stowe freestanding gas stove

$300 off of these wood stoves

Equinox freestanding wood stove
Mansfield freestanding wood stove
Heritage freestanding wood stove
Homestead freestanding wood stove
Castleton freestanding wood stove
Tribute freestanding wood stove
Manchester freestanding wood stove
Shelburne freestanding wood stove
Craftsbury freestanding wood stove
Clydesdale wood stove insert
WFP 75 built-in wood fireplace