Grills, you say? What is a hearth specialty store doing selling Grills?

In a specialty retail store, this is what is known as a counter-seasonal product. Of course, in Laramie, Wyoming, because of cold weather and snow, we need to use our stoves in almost every month of the year other than July and August. But the nice days we do have from April till October makes some of us want to go outside and grill up some delicious meat for supper.

The Big Green Egg

Well, we don’t sell just any barbeque; we sell a very unique product that has a funny name.
It’s called the Big Green Egg (BGE) and that’s just what it looks like–a very large egg-shaped barbeque with a bright green ceramic shell. The natural lump charcoal used as its fuel is VERY different from charcoal briquettes. Natural lump charcoal is made of hard woods after the wood has been “cooked” until only the best heat-producing portion of the wood is left for your barbeque. This natural charcoal starts up very quickly producing heat in as little as 15 minutes. When your meal is done, the barbecue can be shut down so it’s airtight. The charcoal goes out and is ready to use again and again.