Ambiance Inspiration Insert Gas Fireplace

Ambiance Inspiration gas fireplace insert

Many people choose a fireplace insert to add even more heating efficiency to their fireplaces. Fires within an insert burn hotter than fires in a traditional “open” fireplace, and efficiency overall is greatly increased. The Ambiance Inspiration is a perfect choice for this and many other reasons.

A marvelous flame pattern and ultra-realistic embers define this sturdy insert. You can choose a hand-crafted log set that closely resembles burning wood, or you can customize and modernize your firebox with rocks or glass beads. Built to fit virtually any size of fireplace, the Inspiration insert brings safe and predictable heating to your home.

The remote control is easy to understand and use. You have the option of direct-spark or standing pilot, and the unit is fitted with a battery backup that will keep the fire going during a loss of power.

You can customize the look of the Ambiance Inspiration fireplace insert with 46 variations of fronts and finishes.

Radiant and convection heat

With the Ambiance Inspiration, you can decide what kind of heat you want and when you want it. Radiant heat generates from a heat source the way heat is emitted by the sun. Convection heat employs warm air that’s blown gently into an area. Depending on your temperature preferences, you’ll always be able to create the right heat zone in the area where the Inspiration is operating.

Ultimate safety

The glass doors on an Ambiance insert become quite hot during operation and remain hot for some time after the fire is extinguished. For this reason, all Ambiance Inspiration inserts include a safety screen that sits securely in front of the doors – not only to protect from direct contact but also to remind people to keep a safe distance.

Basic Specs:

  • Size: Medium
  • Burn Rate Range: Up to 31,500 BTUs/hr.
  • Efficiency: 71 – 79%

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